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I was reading my Twitter feed. Duncan Jones (director of Moon and Source Code) was discussing film. He was arguing that if a non-film person notices technical things like camera work while watching a film, then the film is lesser (even if what they noticed was excellent) because the audience isn't engrossed. I disagreed, because sometimes I am really engrossed in a film and my enjoyment is heightened because I notice cool technical bits.

3 tweets later, HE REPLIED TO ME:

A director I totally admire replied to me on Twitter. I know it's just Twitter and I'm being silly, but I don't care. I hereby give myself permission to bask in starry-eyed delusions for one full hour. AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

(I also give myself permission to watch Moon again. What? I've gotta wait another month for Prometheus, I need a scifi fix.)


Yes, I'm looking in your direction teithiwr

(There's totally more of these. Points to enthusiastic history teachers.)


NaNoWriMo Day 5

Soooo behind! Not for lack of trying but rather lack of opportunity to just sit down and write. Finally, last night I was all prepared to write before sleep. Next thing I knew, it was 3:30 in the morning. Apparently, laying on my stomach in bed was not the best writing position because I had face-planted onto the notebook and zonked out for a few hours.

(Fun fact: Over the years I have discovered that no matter how tired I am or how abruptly I fall asleep, there is always some part of my consciousness with it enough that I take my glasses off and set them aside. When I woke last night, they were half folded on the bed beside me.)

I really need to just steal away for a good few hours and just force myself to write no matter how sinusy or tired, no matter the distraction. One paragraph today but I am by no means letting it be my last. I have only just begin to fight!


NaNoWriMo Day 2

Did not write due to birthday. Will try and get something done before bed.

After yesterday's post I got a couple of more pages done and one page of notes to keep track of what the heck I was doing.

Birthday mostly sucked but the happy birthday messages from you guys were super awesome and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Always remember: sparkly balloons!!1!

And so it begins - NaNoWriMo 2011

I've decided that I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year. I had been thinking about it and you guys seemed to agree it might be a good way for me to deal with my depression so I'm going to do it. I'm gonna really force myself to do it the proper way, too - no editing or deleting until I've finished. I've got somewhat of an idea for a clockpunk story based on some story ideas I've had floating around in my head for awhile. I'm not entirely certain where it's going to go but right now I'm uncertain as to whether it's drama or horror. If it does end up being horror, that would be really fascinating because I've never written horror before. Well, scratch that. I wrote some horror YEARS ago when I was a kid for a Young Author's competition (and actually won with it) but I don't think I've really tried it since. I also think horror might be an interesting way to go because it could be a good way to deal with some of my anxiety and darker feelings at the moment. Sort of a cathartic thing.

I actually started writing it out longhand which is what I did the last time I did a NaNo all the way through (back in undergrad). That time, I wrote on notebook paper and then typed it up at regular intervals to track my word count. I think I might do it that way again. But, because I want to be beholden to some sort of check-in system (and I didn't sign up thru the NaNo website) I'll try and post here regularly with a word count or just how many longhand pages I wrote on a given day. So far today I've written 3 longhand pages on large notebook paper, but I've only just begun and I've got some more in me for the day.


Because I Feel Like It

I've been drinking and I want some sweet potato fries & sour cream, dangit.

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I don't actually have a bead on how many people on my flist still watch this show in real-time so I'll put this behind a cut since it'll be spoiler-heavy.

A disclaimer before I begin: I intended to get my thoughts together more coherently over the weekend but holiday prep kinda took things over. I also haven't watched the episode a second time yet so I'm going on single-viewing recall right now.

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So yesterday I somehow managed to do something unpleasant to a muscle in my left shoulder just by sneezing because, apparently, I am a putz. It's not as bad today but it's definitely still wonky.

That aside, I'm feeling fairly good in terms of how the month is going schedule-wise. Brother's coming home later in the month, all of the holiday shopping is done, boxes seem to be getting to people in a timely manner for once. *crosses fingers that they all do* I've still got some wrapping/ribbon-ing to do for family gifts but everything is more or less settled.

We had another whirlwind visit from the cousin & her husband with more cray-cray and DRAMA but it was fairly brief and I'm hoping that in January things will settle down for them. There's some other wackiness going on with that side of the family regarding another cousin but that's more of the LOL-soap opera variety so it's cool.

I've been cooking more meals lately to give my mom a break (it used to be Mom, my bro, & I cooking but he's not home to share the load, anymore). For some reason I've really gotten into making soups but I need some new recipes.

Yes, this update was so thrilling, I realize.

Can't stop watching/listening to this



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