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I got some dragstrip courage

Me an' Jean-Pierre gonna debate the oddments

Would be better, but they killed the bunnies.
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I am a 20-something media analyst/popular culture scholar and a woman (last time I checked). This journal is mostly just odd ramblings, daily observations, venting, fangirling, and the occasional bit of crack or fanwork (mostly SPN). It's about half public and half friends locked but the fannish stuff is generally public.

I dip into various fandoms but my main squeeze is Supernatural fandom, it being near ROME in my top list of favorite shows ever. I'm also into other shows although not necessarily in the fandom sense, such as: NCIS, Law & Order (reg. & SVU), Rescue Me, Burn Notice, Psych, X-Files, Top Gear, Deadwood, Batman: the Animated Series, etc.

My taste in movies ranges far and wide, from Jean-Pierre Jeunet to Woody Allen, from Tim Burton to Alfonso Curan and so forth.

With music I'll give most anything a try although I don't much care for the majority of country, rap, hip-hop, or bubblegum pop. I've got everything from Glen Miller to Wagner to Ace of Base to the Eagles of Death Metal to Spamalot! to the Brilliant Green to Harry and the Potters on my computer.

My sections at Barnes & Noble are World History, Mythology, and Graphic Novels. I also read fiction, for example anything by Kerouac, a smattering of Evelyn Waugh, Oliver Twist, most things by Poe or Neil Gaiman, Horatio Hornblower, etc. I don't have a ton of time for fiction at the moment, though, so a lot of my "just for me" reading is fanfic.

Feel free to friend but please lemme know if you do.